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The village of Westbury (on the border of Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire) is situated off the A422 between Brackley and Buckingham. Westbury can trace its roots back to Saxon times when an entrenched camp was built on a mound north east of the church in 867 A.D. The history of the village is depicted in specially-commissioned woodcarvings which now form an historic village trail throughout Westbury.

Today, Westbury is a thriving village, home to around 500 inhabitants. There is an extremely active Parish Council and a fantastic team of residents committing their time and energy into making the village a vibrant and exciting place to live. You will receive a warm welcome whether you would just like to dip in or become fully involved in village life.

Featured events

Westbury Village hosts an extensive programme of social events, clubs and activities, which everyone can attend/participate in. These take place in the village hall and grounds, the village club, and in the shop and café. Please click through the gallery below.

Please keep a look out for the information posted on this website and on fliers throughout the village.

If you are new to the village, we have a welcome pack and this website to help you to familiarise yourself with life in Westbury. Please contact the parish clerk (westburyclerk@aol.com) if you would like further information or a copy of the welcome pack.

You can also sign up for email alerts here and view the event calendar:

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We very much look forward to seeing you out and about in Westbury.

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