Westbury Parish Hall Charity

Registered Charity Number: 1167871

The Charity are the Landlords & legal entity of Westbury Parish Hall.

Westbury Parish Hall Charity is run by a dedicated group of voluntary trustees who meet approximately four times per year. Its aim is to ensure that the village hall plays a central part in village life for all residents and visitors. It also offers support to Westbury Village Hall Association (WVHA) and Westbury Community Shop & Café (WSC).

The charity has 5 trustees:

2018 Minutes

Trustee Meeting Minutes

Trustee Meeting 17.01.2018
Trustee Meeting 18.04.2018
Trustee Meeting 08.08.2018
Trustee Meeting 03.10.2018

Joint Meeting Minutes

January WCS/WPHC Meeting
Addendum 1
Addendum 2
April WCS/WPHC Meeting
October WCS/WPHC Meeting
Appendix WCS/WPHC Oct Meeting

2017 Minutes

February WCS/WVHA Meeting
Trustee Meeting 16.03.2017
Trustee Meeting 12.07.2017
July WCS/WVHA Meeting
September WCS/WPHC Meeting
Trustee Meeting 18.10.2017

2016 Minutes

June Trustees Meeting
October Trustees Meeting
October WCS Meeting
November WCS/WVHA Meeting

If you are a voluntary group or charitable organisation and are able to demonstrate that any funding will benefit the community, you may be eligible to apply for a grant.

Please see our Grant/Donation Awarding Policy, which includes an application form.

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