Westbury Young People’s Project

Westbury Young People’s Project (the youth club), which normally runs every Wednesday evening between 6.00 pm and 8.00 pm, is currently on hold whilst we try to find a new leader. The youth club has arisen as one of the outcomes of Westbury Village Hall Project. It is an organisation set up for the young people of Westbury and supports young people and children to make new friendships, socialise, learn new skills and to make a positive contribution to their community. All children from Westbury and the surrounding villages aged between 8 and 16 years old are welcome. There is no admission charge, but most children come with £1 to spend on the tuck shop. All children under 13 years old will have to be signed in by their parents and signed out when they leave.

Puppet workshops, cycling proficiency, first aid sessions, animation and video workshops, outdoor cinema, graffiti, climbing wall outings, face painting, aerial extreme, Easter egg hunt, space bus – these are just some of the fantastic things that young people in Westbury have enjoyed recently. The village is extremely lucky to be able to offer such a wide array of things for young people to do.

Our village calendar provides a central diary of key village events. To view the calendar, please click on the Hallmaster logo:

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For the future of this new group to be secure and successful we need volunteers to come forward to run and assist with running WYPP. If you are interested then please contact Cathy Knott – Email westburyclerk@aol.com

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