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Westbury means the West Fort or Castle being derived from the Saxon word ‘burg’. The small village, which is situated in the southwest of the parish, contains several 17th-century stone cottages with thatched roofs. The Church of St. Augustine in part dates back to the 13th Century, though much restored in 1863. The graveyard houses the beautiful Yew Tree, planted in 1660 which still exists.

June 2018 sees the start of the play park refurbishment with the longstanding tunnels being removed. The park will close in September to be completely revamped with lots of exciting new equipment going in! Click on the following link for the plans: Westbury play park

The village is home to Beachborough School, a private prep school established originally in Hampshire in 1910, but relocated to Westbury in 1942 in the manor house.

Click on the following link to see a map of Westbury: http://www.buckinghamshire-maps.co.uk/westbury-map.html

Westbury is a really lovely village to explore…
Public Footpaths

There are many walks in Westbury and the surrounding villages. Here is some information to get you started:

Printable version of Westbury Footpaths as at 31st October 2016

Map of footpaths in the Buckinghamshire Parishes

Westbury’s Circular Ride directions and map

Westbury Village Trail

Rights of Way

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