Westbury Parish Council

Westbury Parish Council represents the village of Westbury and its 200 households. The Council comprises of 7 Councillors including the Chairman and Vice Chairman. The parish clerk is the proper officer of the council, providing advice, administrative support and taking action to implement decisions.

Parish Council meetings are open to the public and are held in the Village Hall, Playing Field Road, Westbury, Northamptonshire, NN13 5JN at 7.30pm usually on the second Wednesday of every month (with the exception of August & December). The public do not have a right to speak when the council meetings are in session unless invited to do so by the Chairman but public comments are taken before the meeting commences. Members of the public may also speak after the meeting including matters relating to items on the Agenda.

Westbury is fortunate to have a number of facilities which are owned and managed by the Parish Council, these include: the playing field, playground and the village hall which is managed through an agreement with Westbury Village Hall Association. In addition the Parish Council is responsible for providing and ensuring a range of services to the village, these include: grass cutting, dog bins, street lighting and responding to Buckinghamshire Council planning applications within the parish.

Planning information 

Residents may not be aware that the parish council is a consultee on planning applications, for development within the parish boundaries.  Each planning application submitted relating to Westbury parish must be referred to the parish council, who is entitled to make a representation.

How does this work for Westbury?

Buckinghamshire Council (BC) notifies the clerk of each application they received.  The clerk normally has 21 days to deal with this matter.  The parish council are consultees, it does not make the final decision.

How does the clerk deal with the application?

For routine applications such as extensions and conservatories, under delegated authority, the clerk sends the application notice to members of the council.  The members contact the clerk with their comment.  If they all agree to ‘no objection’, the clerk informs BC.
If there is an objection or for larger applications or if a resident has notified the council that they object to the application, the item is discussed at the next council meeting for the full council to consider and comment on.

What happens then?

BC consider the views of the parish council and other consultees before making a final decision.

How can you be involved?

As a resident you can make representation directly to both BC and the parish council.
At parish council level your views will be considered before any representation is made to BC on behalf of the council.
At Buckinghamshire Council level your views will be considered before their decision is made.

Parish Council Meeting Dates

Please note, some dates will be subject to change but advance notice will be provided.

All meetings are held at Westbury Village Hall on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm.

2023: 11th January; 8th February; 8th March; 12th April (Annual Parish meeting); 10th May (Annual Meeting of the Council); 14th June; 12th July; 13th September; 11th October; 15th November.

2024: 10th January; 7th February; 13th March; 17th April (Annual Parish meeting); 8th May (Annual Meeting of the Council); 12th June; 10th July; 11th September; 9th October; 13th November.

Meet your Parish Councillors

The Parish Councillors are listed below, along with their areas of responsibility, short biography and contact details:

James Stone, Chair: Finance, Insurance, Legal, HR & General Administration & Planning

Tel: 01280 702455 or 07713 196026
Email: james.stone71@outlook.com
Register of Interests

Having lived in the area for a number of years we moved to Westbury some 12 years ago where my family and I have made our home. Shortly after moving to the village I got involved with the Village Plan and was persuaded to Chair the project through to its conclusion. I have been a Parish Councillor for over 10 years and enjoy every minute of it. In April 2016 I took over as chairman.

Jonathan Newman: Neighbourhood Plan, HS2 & Planning

Tel: 07702 661351
Email: jnewman77@gmail.com
Register of Interests

I moved to Westbury in 2021 with my wife and two sons. We’ve been welcomed by the village and are very happy to have made Westbury our home. In 2022 I was asked to be involved in the development of a Neighbourhood plan for Westbury and have subsequently joined the Parish Council.

James Watson: Speed Watch, Beachborough Liaison & Planning

Tel: 07787 154671
Email:  james-pc@watsonhome.co.uk
Register of Interests

I moved to Westbury in 2013 with my wife having grown up in Northamptonshire and lived in the USA and then Surrey in between. In Westbury, I served as chairman of the WSCA (Westbury Sports and Community Association) which ran the old Village Hall before the new build.
I currently work for Amazon Web Services and have two young children at Beachborough School.

Cllr. Graeme CookGraeme Cook: Vice-Chairman, Utilities, Highways & Planning

Tel: 07901 862133 –
Email: graemetcook@hotmail.com
Register of Interests

I live in Towcester but work in Westbury as the Operations Manager at SugaRich (Brackley Dryer).
I joined Westbury Parish Council in 2016 having been a regular attendee for over a year and became vice-chairman in 2019.

Cllr. Katy WintourKaty Wintour: Playpark, Social Media, Financial Controls & Planning

Tel: 07852 748974
Email: kwintour@hotmail.co.uk
Register of Interests

My family moved to Westbury in 2018 and I joined the parish council in July 2019.
Prior to moving from Bicester, our family visited Westbury on a few occasions, we always received a lovely welcome and it was clear to us even then that the village has a wonderful sense of community. We moved from Westbury to Brackley towards the end of 2023 but we still feel very attached to the village.
I work for a local recruitment and HR services business as a recruiter and I am currently responsible for the Playpark and Social Media for the Parish Council as well as quarterly financial control checks.

Pierre JeannesPierre Jeannes: WVHA & WCSC Liaison & Planning

Tel: 07971 014026
Email: pjeannes25@gmail.com
Register of Interests

I joined Westbury Parish Council in November 2021. I am also a member of Westbury Village Hall Association (WVHA).

Richard Tredwell: Tree Management, Footpaths and Planning

Tel: 01280 703402 / 07703 312493
Email: richard@fieldsbarnfarm.co.uk
Register of Interests

I joined Westbury Parish Council in July 2021. I am also a long-standing member of Westbury Cricket Club.

Cathy Knott: Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer (RFO)

Tel: 01280 423295 or 07545 137500
Email: westburyclerk@aol.com

My husband and I moved to Westbury in 2011. I was initially a bit sceptical about living in a small village as I’ve always been a “towny” but I feel very much at home here and everyone’s so friendly.  I became Clerk to Westbury Parish Council in February 2013 and really enjoy my work. I am continually amazed at the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes of running a village and think that Westbury is very lucky to have such a dedicated team of councillors and volunteers, making this a great place to live.

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