Westbury Parish Hall Charity

Registered Charity Number: 1167871

The Charity are the Landlords & legal entity of Westbury Parish Hall.

Westbury Parish Hall Charity is run by a dedicated group of voluntary trustees who meet approximately four times per year. Its aim is to ensure that the village hall plays a central part in village life for all residents and visitors. It also offers support to Westbury Village Hall Association (WVHA) and Westbury Community Shop & Café (WSC).

The charity has 5 trustees:

2019 Minutes

Trustee Meeting Minutes

Trustee Meeting 17.01.2018
Trustee Meeting 03.04.2019

Joint Meeting Minutes

April WCS/WPHC Meeting

2018 Minutes

Trustee Meeting Minutes

Trustee Meeting 17.01.2018
Trustee Meeting 18.04.2018
Trustee Meeting 08.08.2018
Trustee Meeting 03.10.2018

Joint Meeting Minutes

January WCS/WPHC Meeting
Addendum 1
Addendum 2
April WCS/WPHC Meeting
October WCS/WPHC Meeting
Appendix WCS/WPHC Oct Meeting

2017 Minutes

February WCS/WVHA Meeting
Trustee Meeting 16.03.2017
Trustee Meeting 12.07.2017
July WCS/WVHA Meeting
September WCS/WPHC Meeting
Trustee Meeting 18.10.2017

2016 Minutes

June Trustees Meeting
October Trustees Meeting
October WCS Meeting
November WCS/WVHA Meeting

If you are a voluntary group or charitable organisation and are able to demonstrate that any funding will benefit the community, you may be eligible to apply for a grant.

Please see our Grant/Donation Awarding Policy, which includes an application form.

Since the charity commenced in 2016, it has provided funds towards the following:
The resurfacing of Playing Field Road
Enabling a resilience programme for young people to be run by Lindsay Webster (Kids Coach)
The planting of a tree on the village green (Treebank)
Village Hall sound panels to be covered with photographs of Westbury scenes and dogs
The community defibrillator
Community website
Westbury Youth Club activities
Grit bin on Orchard Place (outside the St. Augustine’s)
Goal posts for the playing field
Various bits and pieces for the village hall

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