Westbury’s Café Society

Café Society: “Especially from the late-19th century through the mid-20th century in Europe and America, a culture characterised by continual socializing in bistros, coffee shops, and nightclubs, sometimes extravagantly frivolous and sometimes intensely intellectual in nature but always high-spirited.”

The Café Society, which started in 2018, holds four events a year. All events are held in the Westbury Community Café or the Village Hall, at 7.30 for 8pm. The village shop is open and there are snacks and drinks for sale during the evening. The next event planned in 2020 is:

6th May 2020: A family in Russian History – The Literature and Art of the Pasternaks: Boris Pasternak’s Dr Zhivago and the paintings of Leonid Pasternak, with Nicolas and Maya Pasternak Slater. Please email if you’d like to attend: cafesoc.westbury@gmail.com

There will be events (to be confirmed) in September and November, and we may put on additional events as well as these four annual meetings.

The Society:

• Is open to anyone to join

• There is a membership fee of £20 per year, to go towards paying speakers and other expenses.

• Meetings are mainly held in the café, which means numbers will be restricted to around 25-30. Members are welcome to bring guests – there is a charge of £7 for non-members to attend. We need to know numbers in advance so please always email if you want to come to an event: cafesoc.westbury@gmail.com

• If after paying speakers, there are funds left over, these will go to the Westbury Shop and Café Ltd. Community Benefit Society.

• Tea and coffee, cakes, snacks and wine etc. will be available from the café at normal prices at meetings.

Contact: Jacky Owen 01280 704667 or Sue Lucas 01280 706190. Email: cafesoc.westbury@gmail.com

Meetings held to date:

Westbury's Cafe Society bannerFebruary 2020: ‘A Story for February’ Traditional tales and music on unusual instruments with Storyteller Richard York from Feast of Fools.

November 2019: ‘Rude Language: the origins of Bad Words’; author Philip Gooden in conversation with Jonathan Keates.

September 2019: ‘A quirky history, from Buckingham to Brackley via Westbury: the Fall of the House of Ussher’, with Ed Grimsdale.

May 2019: ‘The Sound of Violins: How are they made and what has changed over the years? Why do some sound better? Can you tell the difference? Come and find out!’ with Luthiers 23 Violins.

February 2019: A Comedy Evening with Richard and Jeremy.

November 2018: ‘Is Venice sinking and does it really matter?’ with Jonathan Keates, chair of Venice in Peril.

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